Hapag Booking Cancellation fee- 4 days prior to FCL cutoff effective July 1st

Here’s an important update on the Booking Cancellation Fee (BCF) for North American Exports
Dear Valued Customers
Starting July 1, 2024, a USD 25 fee per container will apply if you cancel, reduce, or roll bookings 4 calendar days or less prior to the port cutoff as shown on your booking confirmation. Bookings are also subject to BCF and automatic cancellation / rolling / reduction in case any cutoff is not met including port cutoff, rail cutoff, or documentation cutoff. The fee will be capped at a maximum of 10 containers per roll, reduction, or cancellation event for a booking.
To avoid this fee, please make any changes or cancellations at least 5 days prior port cutoff, by visiting our website and following the provided instructions. Our team will send reminder notices for shipments missing full container(s) on dock up to 6 days before the port cutoff. This may give you the opportunity to make necessary adjustments to your booking without incurring penalties. 
We view this change as a collaborative effort and, with your support, we can achieve a more dependable and efficient shipping experience. We understand that adjusting to changes takes time. Therefore, we’re offering a one-month grace period. During July 2024, the BCF will be in effect for your shipments, but we will not invoice you for these charges. Starting August 1, 2024, we will begin invoicing the contract holder or booking party for BCF fees. 



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