Notice of GRI for TPWB Update – January 10th, 2024

Notice of General Rate Increase for Trans-Pacific Westbound Trade Update

Dear Valued Customers,

Please find below updates to the upcoming January 18th TPWB GRI. (Link to original January 18th TPWB GRI advisory.)

ONEY-202 Rule 102.129

Effective January 18, 2024, the following Dry Cargo GRI shall apply:
Commodity: Metal Scrap; Plastic Scrap or Resin; Lumber and/or Logs; Dried Fruits and Nuts (DFN); Bulk or Bagged Agricultural Products (excluding Cotton) (Note 1); Cotton; Hay; Paper (Note 2); Forest Products (Note 3).

Origins: All cargo received or loaded at the ports of Vancouver, BC; Prince Rupert, BC; Seattle, WA; Tacoma, WA; Oakland, CA; Los Angeles, CA; Long Beach, CA

Destinations: All port and point locations within India and Malaysia.

USD 80 per 20′ container
USD 100 per 40′ or 45′ container
-This GRI does not apply to tariff cargo NOS rates or tariff rates filed with an expiry date within 31 days of January 18, 2024. 
-This GRI applies to all Rate Filing Agreement and Service Contract rates unless otherwise specifically exempted.
Note 1: Bulk or Bagged Agricultural Products include, but are not limited to, dry dairy products (including lactose whey powder), animal feed, fish, and bone meal.
Note 2: Paper includes, but is not limited to, wastepaper, paperboard, job lot & stock lot paper
Note 3: Forest Products includes, but is not limited to, lumber, logs and wood pulp

For further questions, please reach out to your local ONE representative. 


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